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    why choose us ?

    Pirelli Centre (Tyres & Equipment) is your one-stop tire repair and service shop. If it has to do with tires, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a set of new tyres or general maintenance or detailing for your car, our team of car repair specialists is here to help. With more than 40 years of experience, why would you take your vehicle anywhere else?

    About Pirelli

    Pirelli Centre (Tyres & Equipment) has been offering its massive and unparalleled services for more than 40 years in Qatar

    •  We have always been known during that time with our commitment to premium quality and customer satisfaction.
    • Our centre is the only distributor of Pirelli Tyres in Qatar that offer a wide range of solutions to meet various needs, requirements and road conditions to guarantee your safety and comfort in every ride.
    • Our professional team’s main concern is to provide your car with exceptional comprehensive services to leave it in first-class condition by checking all its mechanical and servicing needs as well as motors, tyres and exhausts, and changing oil and filters.  
    •  In addition to this, we offer an extensive catalogue of checks and services for your vehicle, which keeps it running at its optimal level at all times.
    • All you need for your car has come in one place since we have the right combination of experience and equipment to ensure the best possible results, every time.

    Our Working Process

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    Most of the vehicles get damage just because of maintain

    Bring Your Vehicle

    Most of the vehicles get damage just because of maintain

    Get It Repaired

    Most of the vehicles get damage just because of maintain

    Services We Provide

    Our Products

    All what your car needs from A to Z, you’ll find it here with premium quality and various options to meet all car models and demands.

     Today stands as a global brand known for its cutting edge technology, high-end production excellence and passion for innovation. 
    For all cars models, general, sporty, 4x4 and light vehicles.
    For general motorcycles and racing ones.
    For all types of trucks and providing optimum solutions for all uses.

    The ideal choice if you want to ensure the lubricant quality that will keep your engine running smooth and efficient.

     Simplicity combined with top notch performance to guarantee that the wheels are well-aligned and balanced.

    It is specialized in the production of a wide range of air compressors for professional and industrial use.

    Leaders in air conditioning service units for recovery, recycling and recharging of air conditioning systems in the automotive industry.

    They design and deliver air solutions for your vehicles from 1977, they are professional at it.


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